Cable Wakeboarding Is a New Water Sport Worth Trying

Canada’s largest and best cable wakeboarding system is located in Winnipeg. The site boasts two lakes set up for Cable Wakeboarding Winnipeg adventures. The Adrenaline Adventures facility offers excitement and fun for all ages with this new sport. Everyone who loves being in and on the water should consider trying this new summer sport. There is no need to be an expert wakeboarder because one lake is set up as a training area for those new to wakeboarding and cable wakeboarding.

What Is Cable Wakeboarding?

Cable wakeboarding takes inspiration from several other sports and outdoor adventures and combines them in this unique way. Water skiing, wakeboarding, and zip line runs all contributed inspiration for the inventors of this new summer sport. The wakeboard replaces skis, and the ingenious cable lines replace motorboats. Instead of zipping in the air high above the ground, riders are pulled around the lake touching the water. A system of towers is installed around the two lakes supporting cables that have carriers attached to them at intervals to hold ski ropes that attach to a rider and pull them along the lake.

Make no mistake, this is considered an extreme sport because of the nature of wakeboarding. Wakeboarders can do all the moves and tricks while being pulled by a cable that they did being pulled by a boat. The rider or skier can make the ride as adventurous as they want. Some riders may just want to stay upright and enjoy the ride. Others may want to take more risks by executing specialized wakeboard moves and tricks.

How Does The Adrenaline Adventures Facility Work?

Summer Activities in Winnipeg has two lakes set up with cable systems. The smaller lake is a training facility where people can learn the basics of cable wakeboarding in a safe way. Everyone must have the proper equipment to start. This includes a helmet, wakeboard, and life vest. Everything can be rented at the facility. Customers are taught how to safely cable wakeboard and, when they are ready, they move on to the second, larger lake.

The larger, ten-acre lake has six towers surrounding it at equal intervals supporting the unique cable system that tows riders around the lake. Six riders or skiers can go at one time. Up to seven sliders and kickers can also be in the water. If riders fall down on the big lake, they need to swim back to the shore and walk back to the starting dock. For more information about Canada’s largest and best cable wakeboarding system, go to the website.

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